Phase Back on Track #9 ~ Static

Now that’s a favourite one…

Static was finished right before our second gig ever where it debuted as well… There are two kinds of songs for us the ones we first play live and then we record, and the ones we are recording beforehand. Static is a living example of the first instance, it being really more of a jam song.

There are signature parts in it that were invented just as a signalling device for us to know where the changes would be since there wasn’t any strict structure at the moment, and I remember I had written the lyrics on my wrists in case I forget because I was really pissed before the gig… A tradition that would last for a few years after that…


I am very proud of the lyrical work in this one, as there’s no line I would really change in it… And the rhyming in both bridges really gets me! In later gigs we would drop the mid part which made it in the record, in favour of either lengthy solos, or poem-citing or  some obscure lyrical nonsense…



We wanted the guitar work to be Post-Punky/Americana and I recal playing loads of records of Nick Cave and Madrugada to Alex whom with we were playing at the time to get in the spirit of what I had in mind. It was really embraced by really  good pairs of ears in back home and was characterised as ‘Dionysiac’ by Greg Zevgaras, one of our favourite Deejays in our hometown… Things had started looking up for our output!

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