Phase Back on Track #5 ~ Ibidem

So here’s another favourite! What came to be our most spiritual work…

If I can brag about something is having a good ear for music and being a sufficient artistic director… I remember talking with Alex while he was subtly strumming a guitar and I stopped the conversation when I heard something interesting and urged him to repeat it not for us to send it to the riff heaven and have it lost in oblivion forever…

That was Ibidem’s first two chords, and I scribbled the lyrics while humming the melody, as a draft that never changed… it blushed out in an automatic writing manner, right our of the subconscious…




I think it explores the idea of going through a strong spiritual experience but staying with what you’ve started with, or something like that… Ibidem has featured Phase’s set list consistently since the first gig and it’s always performed in showcases like radio shows or open mics or whatever.


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