Phase Back on Track #5 ~ Ibidem

So here’s another favourite! What came to be our most spiritual piece…

If I can brag about something is having a good ear for music and being a descent artistic director… I remember the exact point I had to stop a conversation with Alex while we were strumming our guitars upon hearing something interesting and save it from the riff heaven, loosing it in oblivion forever…

That was Ibidem‘s first two chords, and I scribbled the lyrics while humming the melody, as a draft that never changed… it blushed out in an automatic writing manner, right our of the subconscious… That theme bears that Zeppelinesque Ten Years Gone vibe to it, that awes you, and keeps you yearning.


Without killing the goose that lays golden eggs, I’ll say that the lyrics explore the idea of going through a strong spiritual experience but staying with what you’ve started with, or something like that…  Ibidem has featured Phase‘s set list consistently since the first gig and it’s always performed in showcases like radio shows or open mics or whatever.

There’s a beautiful video done by the incredible Elias Kirdiapkin for the 10 years of Phase  anniversary release of In Consequence on cassette and vinyl. that we’d originally thought of having the band playing in the forest, but Damos had to attend something way too important and it never happened, something the Saint couldn’t be more happy about, because he finds the endeavour to be very metal.

* To return to the that theme’s two chords, we weren’t the only one’s fascinated by the song. The other day Spotify notified me that Antimatter released a new album since I am following them after we’ve shared a stage together. I can say I really enjoyed the album and a couple of songs in and I bought a physical copy to show my support! Well after the album finished playing and as Spotify would play more of their songs I couldn’t but freeze when This came up:

on the 2:07

and it was released only a month before In Consequence was released

As it’s natural I went back to see if we’ve subconsciously had nicked it, but in its original version penned by Duncan Patterson it appears completely diferent (on 2:28)

In Coincidence? There’s always the chance that we could have come up with it at the exact time independently, althought the mood and the way it’s played is identical and they didn’t used to play it like that on their acoustic sets before, as it’s documented on their 2004 internet release featuring unreleased material.



Now sometime in the awfully long period that took us to put In Consequence together, we handed a few of the rough mixes to Duncan Patterson that seemed to love Ibidem, and wrote some keyboards tracks for it with a bit of soundscaping that made it to the final mix, at the same period that him and Dany Cavanagh would play together in Antimatter

Eitherways that couldn’t be but a compliment on our songwriting of course. And it’s all Ibidem‘s fault anyway… Being so enchanting, hauntng your mind for good!

**And here are some other fellas, somebody had told me about,  that really seem to have liked it too… Ibidem‘s done it again!

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