Phase on Stage

After the great performances of Normah, Storrmbringer and Universe217, the time had auspiciously come for the headliners of the night Phase. A bit before they got on stage, I admit that I thought to myself: “There is no way that after the hopeful Normah (all-female band), the astonishing heavy metallers Storrmbringer and the mystic heavy/drone/dark rock-metallers Universe217, I can witness something better tonight”. But I was mistaken. Phase, like the genuine continuation of the original, immortal spirit of 70’s, they are, proved to everybody that they love good rock music with warmth; beyond any stereotypes and set rules! They showed to be enjoying what they were doing, between them first and foremost, having as natural consequence having this transferred to the audience. The band had a great time on stage,encouraging the audience to do so too… And they totally made it… We fell in dolefulness, we laughed, we “tripped” and yearned under their dark, psychedelic sounds and the expiatory, from time to time, strong outbreaks. There were times that I felt like getting lost in the endless sea of their enormous melodies, and times catching my self smiling from euphoria, observing Thanos singing so tamely and so true, that I thought he entered my mind, seeing what I was seeing, thinking what I was thinking, feeling what I was feeling and was playing tricks at me. I would characterize the night as a genuine rock experience offered by a well-tuned band with endless future prospects and foremost with self respect. A band that so many times doesn’t even care to rumple their “image” to the audience’s gain. We thank them for the unforgettable night they offered us and for those to come in the future!

Jim Statiris


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