On Phase’s Reach

Q:What impact did your debut have, in local and worldwide level?

We are really gratified till now, concerning the responce we get… Financially things are hard even for the big fishes so we don’t even mention that. In Greece we’d like things to be a bit different… There’s incredible jealousness that we have taken in, in every possible way, and honestly the society there is so sensitive to shame that it often reaches in worse levels than the Middle East! Everyone’s living in the image, fighting for their prestige, without substance, no message at all and they burry anything worthwile from fear of having their “highness” marginalized…  It’s really sad, and we, as artists, have to stand and bring awareness in that like on anything else. Out of there, we are having our reach in Near East and the Balkans but people here (UK) seem to have a great interest in our music as well… I think wherever there are unquiet and “hungry” people that is unrest, we have the opportunity to flourish as a statement… And most surely not to pass unnoticed!

Interviewer: Stefanos Stefanopoulos
Publication: Rockway.gr
Period: May 2013

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