on Songwriting and Filtering the Influences

Q:When you are composing music.. Do you have something special that is inspiring you or you just doing it more like…. randomly?

It’s random but that’s when everything that has grabbed my subconscious’ attention jumps out… I have noticed personally some similarities with Placebo‘s riffwork at some point. A group I hated as teen, being opposed to their provocative androgynous image, although it seems my brain decided to accept them before I realise it. We are also get inspired by everything that touches us, even if it’s just a good conversation, something we’ve seen or experienced, and of course the artistic views of people whose work we admire and we’ve played and shared stages with… It happens involuntarily to a certain extend you know! Some time after our common gig with Sivert Høyem had passed and I started digging an “americana ballad” song close to how he is experiencing, perceives and filters his Doors and Nick Cave influences or something… You are going to witness it if we agree with the boys to develop it more and include it to one of our coming releases! That’s real art… Statements over statements, over statements reformed… A never-ending discussion!

-Would you agree with me if I’d say that you also sound (at moments, not all the time) a little bit like “The Tea Party”?

There’s a little funny fact behind it I guess… Back in 2004, when I tried to form the band with my good friend Chris Gioldasis and decided to write new songs, I brought a few of my ideas some of which evolved to what “The Smile” or “Next Illusion to Fade” is nowadays or even more songs still to be recorded and in return he showed me a sitar melody he composed inspired from a video game we was playing at the time. I went back home and developed a song out of it and to make the story short the song was “Perdition” and the game he was playing was Ubisoft‘s “Prince of Persia” the soundtrack of which was composed by TTP‘s Stuart Chatwood. To my opinion it’s a band we really close musically… We share the same fusion of influences and when I came across their work, only after their break up, it was funnily pleasant to find out that they use similar proportions in filtering what they draw from our mutual influential background. It was also a great honour sharing stages and hanging out with Jeff Martin and even more the fact that he loved our set and waited to congratulate and hug us just behind the stage by it’s end. I am really curious to know where they are taking it with their new record.

Interviewer: Jasenka Ex Mikić
Publication: actualno.hr
Period: April 2013

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