on Phase’s Creation

Q:Thank you very much for answering these questions. It’s a curious fact how we discovered PHASE . A first contact and boom! It lit a spark in us and the curiosity to learn more about Phase. But how did Phase born? What are the origins?

Hello Hermanas, it’s really great to be hosted on your pages. We are really glad you find Phase as interesting and intriguing as you are describing, adding up in verifying that as we are waking forward, this is becoming, fortunately enough, a really widespread notion… To start off answering your question, I’m letting you know that Phase was born from the need of a healthy outlet of expression and this is the main motive till now. Phase is the resultant of us, the people involved, and the way we filter the stimuli we are encountering as well as the people who are embracing this project and are willing to join this huge dialogue. People passed by through time due to priority shifts, health issues or other personal reasons, but the Phase remained the same. Phase‘s birth was like any other typical underground band’s but it built up to be this beautiful thing which is keeping on evolving with us.

Interviewer: Hermanas Muerte
Publication: Mutilador (MX)
Period: October 2012

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