on Human Condition and the Teenage Rebelliousness

Q:You are preparing a new record (the Wait). Where is it going to be placed lyrically? What are the main topics you are setting about in that release?

We are rock artists to begin with… That means that we are here to expose truths in a revolutionary way. Our main topic in general is the human condition. If for instance sex was the burning issue, as it was a big taboo in the suppressed puritanical USA and her more sophisticated cousin, the UK back in the day and ‘rock’ groups chose adopting all that extravagant, eccentric, androgynous look in so many cases as a way to protest against that in a way, effectively or not; we find that the most prominent problem of our age is the social alienation, the complete absence of emotional intelligence, of values, the social dysfunction, desperation and so many other things that infest modern-day living and art should bring these subjects forth, and be critical about it, and that’s what we are here to do… We aren’t here to play cool, aiming to have our awkward teenagehood forgotten, neither to pretend we are cocky or hypersexual symbols nor to drag any kind of unhealthy attention in anyway… Rock is undoubtedly inwrought with the ‘rebellious youth’, but as we all already know that display of human behavior has gone terribly wrong so far… Having only some self destructive display to showcase when not conforming finally in the norm and quite so often the young ‘rebel’ ends up doing worse than what he originally was frowning upon… Crimes like ‘I am a proud, arrogant, uncivilised asshole’ that shouts in conversations of how only he knows how our society can be bettered, or how the middle eastern crisis can be solve’ while he doesn’t care how to help any familial issue to be resolved or how to help his fellow-men on anything. I mean, if James Dean is the foremost symbol of teenage rebelliousness we have a lot of work to do… It certainly has so much space for improvement, since ‘teenagehood’ was only recently developed.

Interviewer: George
Publication: rockap.gr
Period: January 2014

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