Phase Back on Track #20 ~ Birthday Song

It all started an evening I was hanging out with the Saint on his folks’ basement where we used to play and I told him about an idea I’ve been having for a while, writing a Birthday Song that would be more like the introspective kind of thing more than anything and he came up with that amazing progression of beautiful chords and we finished the thing at that instance.

Recording the song was simply hilarious, since it took us like 20 minutes to record the whole thing and about an hour lighting up candles, blowing them out, applauding, cheering and chanting which went terribly wrong, hence the Lynchian effects in the intro. Not to forget to mention the hopes we’ve put on ending up with some lawsuit , for using happy birthday tune which still isn’t public domain, that would kickstart our career but it never happened… Just joking…

Damos, took over arranging some strings and putting down some killer basslines like always and here it goes Birthday Song, the last track on our second album, that made its way to the Wait even if it wasn’t to our original intentions to be a part of it.

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