A Dim Western Star and the Red Crescent

It’s our five years anniversary of our concert in the Syrian capital… Right in the heart of Old Damascus… Although we’ve been observing the situation there closely, regardless of the media’s intermittent coverage, from the very beginning; we’ve never used our audience’s emotional response to drag attention, or internet micro-fame on us by making sentimental statements of how deeply we feel for our Syrian brothers and sisters from our comfortable couches like some slimey daft C@%^$ have done provocatively…

From beautiful Helen’s golden stare to Franz Ferdinand‘s assassination and the first blood on the protests against the Syrian regime as part of the “Arab Spring” in early 2011, people have been very inventive on initiating bloody conflicts when it comes to power exchange and control… We are not political analysts so we won’t bore you more with our “big -lay- opinions” citing thing’s we have half read in papers between metro stations. The thing is people are dying and children have been brutally murdered while they were having lunch with their parents, and the civilised west would fairly denounce them with full conviction, as “horrific war crimes” and they’d sleep in clear conscience, or they’d really care for a week because of a viral twitter post… Bollocks…

We won’t bore you with how great humanitarian beings we are, so if you happen to like the music and wanted a piece of merchandise, you can order our anniversary TEE designed by Mohamed Osman, All of the money we make will be donated to the Syria Relief, Refugee Crisis Appeal! Honestly though… If you feel like donating directly by yourself, you’d make lots of people happy, so use this link here or any other organisation you have previously researched on and it doesn’t look like a scam…


P.S. The two-week campaign has finished, if you want a T-shirt with the Western Star design you should go to http://phase.gr/merch/product/western-star-82705/



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