an Attempt to Analyse “The Tree of Li(f)e”

Q:The idea for the excellent cover of your album is yours and it gives a background for lots of interpretations and meditation. Would you reveal your point of view?

I can try it; but an image, a thousand words they say… And I can’t find the proper order to articulate everything that it encloses… It’s about loneliness and how everyone is living in their own distant desert planets… About desire… Emotional fall… Karma; which isn’t other from our own character and what we reflect and attract, and pays with a clockwork’s precision… The whole album is like a verismo to our social reality and it was written during a dark period firstly to demonstrate or reveal these really awful aspects of the modern man and then to exorcise it… I think lack of communication and empathy, emotional intelligence, truth, life, relationships, autism, narcissism are things my lyrics are so often dealing with… There are so many taboo truths in our society and we really feel the need to expose them… To go back to the cover’s features whenever I am attempting to make a similar “decoding” people go, yes we were amazed by the cover but we wouldn’t be able to tell all these things… and I go like that things are what amazes you apart from the perfect color Aris picked… Like we all have symbols stored in us that are acquired from the collective subconscious… Like the animal traits on aesop’s fables which are also the same in the Persian version of them… Like peacocks are symbols of showoffs or the fox is smart or sly… Serpents symbolize impulses and instincts and have a negative essence since we can’t emotionally identify with them. And we, human beings are so sensitive to visual stimuli… Especially men predominantly, probably because of the hunting and mating… That’s why marketers are selling us ice creams using chicks with horny looks in the ads, editing on the top that, their eyes and cheeks so they seem like they are menstruating… The more uneducated we are the most arrogance is characterising us and we are easier manipulated… Yet it’s a powerful tool for art when you have something beautiful to propose… And make people see…

Interviewer: Nedko Ignatov
Publication: Metal Hangar 18
Period: January 2013

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