Metal Hangar 18 on Phase’s Jan26th2013 Show in Sofia, Bulgaria

The nice thing about smaller clubs is their warmth and the atmosphere that can be created. The contact between the musicians and the audience is much more intimate and one finds himself in a limitles situation between friends. People who gather up to enjoy the music, emotion and indulge in a little different world.

Phase invited us with the words of Perdition:

Stepped Into the Endless Fire
Acquired the Demon of desire…

…And we responded, entering the fire with them.

Then a journey started and the four Greeks led us to that trip with the incredible voice of Thanos. Smiled along with The Smile, we stood there still with Ibidem, we next went through an Illusion To Fade , stayed Static for a while, and finally stopped breathing with Hypoxia.

The walk was supplemented with songs from their upcoming album, something we are already looking forward to. And with it, the promise that Thanos gave, that they’ll come again to us in person. They also gave us some wonderful covers of Placebo, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Iggy Pop.

So imperceptibly brought and lost in music, I had to get back to reality, because the concert was over. Still smiling and dreamy after that great performance, and regardless of some small technical problems with the guitar Thanos, stayed for a drink with the boys.

There are groups that you only get inside when you see them live. Phase is one of these bands. They attract your attention when you hear the record, but the real chemistry occurs right there before the scene. You can feel the dark particles the songs are streaming, while they pour all that energy that makes you feel alive.

Finally they just attune you to that Phase, which has to expire at some point sooner or later, eventhough you do not want it to go away in any way!

Aneliya Moravska for Metal Hangar 18


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