This is not a Love Song

Q:Many bands write songs with the same theme, how would you stand out from the rest?

We are not out there to stand out, like I said we hate competition. Instead, we are reaching out, to touch new – old friends, to see who shares similar concerns and views with us, and improve them by adding more perspectives to ours, making our prism cleaner, and our sight a bit fuller. We are out there to share, what we are at times sharing among our circles. People have forgotten about sharing… Most see their social habitat like a bunch of spare actors in their boring single shot drama. We are here to improve ourselves and discuss, and set a new example, for this thing here clearly doesn’t seem to be working. To answer to the other part of your question, a really common theme many bands claim they’ve written about over and over, is love; in lame “love songs”. But to me they are only referring to malignant self love and various sick dependency states… Hardly any artists to my experience as a listener, mention freedom and respect… Things tend to be really “misplaced” in our popular culture!

Interviewer: Brianna Brackett
Publication: Obscure Chaos (NY)
Period: June 2012

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