The Sound of Phase

Q:Your sound is a great mix of various musical genres, stands a touch of psychedelic, progressive, alternative, folk, etc. But we would like you tell to our readers, what is the sound of Phase?

We are referred to our music as rock… I know it’s not the best way to market it but we are better in creating it than naming it. I believe the way that you are describing it, is really quite accurate… What characterizes it, is our golden ratio of tastes… If we’d all wake up tomorrow to a mindset of folklore escapism, a thirst for epic fantasy literature, and dragons and kings and warriors, our next album would be power metal or so, but that’s not likely going to happen… What you hear is who we are and where we have been and where we are walking together… Our ever-expanding world view! Things we like, things we question and things that are giving us a hard time. We don’t follow fashions and we don’t put limitations in the strict meaning, on how we should sound…
Interviewer: Hermanas Muerte
Publication: Mutilador (MX)
Period: October 2012

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