Poetry, Art and the Academic Approach

Q:I was just reading your lyrics to your song, ‘Sowing Scorn’ and I’ve noticed you write traditional poems that some use when it comes to writing in rhyme to help to add a musical elements to readings. Did you start out as a poet first before a musician?

I consider my self more as a writer that a musician – in the strict terms of a performer, I hate academic musicianship like everykind of academic approach force fed by any institution… I think academies, starting from schools, breed unhealthy competition, something that rock is opposed to… If you mess with a few key words on YouTube you’ll find endless attention and achievement whores with their instruments rattling along musical exercises, something that isn’t to our interests… Music is everybody’s first language, and you easily can sit and practice sophisticated phrases alone, to say beautifully nothing, like a politician, as much as to comunicate to people what you want to say, make heartfelt statements, even by using a basic vocabulary, and converse constructively with them… Me, myself, I enjoy putting down poetry as much as philosophical essays…

Interviewer: Brianna Brackett
Publication: Obscure Chaos (NY)
Period: June 2012

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