Lyrical Evolution

Q:In Dec of 2008, you did a few acoustic shows to celebrate “In Consequence” do you feel that your lyrics have matured over the years since then as well as your band?

The lyrics remain the same, if you are talking about the already traced down songs, what have matured up, is me; an thus the approach towards them… I have a fuller view of them now… I have enlightened more dark parts in me, and I’ve learned to guesstimate better what could be viewed on the blind spots I have spotted on my prism so far… Working with one’s self, is a lifelong process and it’s on its own self rewarding… Sub-consequently new lyrics are more mature in a way, but that isn’t making the previous songs an inferior tool… They just have to be explored and interpreted properly…

Interviewer: Brianna Brackett
Publication: Obscure Chaos (NY)
Period: June 2012

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