on “In Consequence”

Q:”In Consequence” is a very varied album soundwise, and undoubtably it is an album worth of listening to. What’s behind the creative process of this material, the recording process of it, the composition of lyrics, etc? Are you satisfied with the result?

Thank you again so much for your kind words… The album was based on ideas that had piled up from long ago and were adapted to who we were at the time, or better say what he had discovered of us at the time. Everything starts with a small idea as stimulant and anyone that feels like it adds up to it and helps it grow. Just like a conversation-starter can evolve to an amazingly interesting constructive conversation that helps you feel your colloqutor and lets you extend the limits of your restricted horizon. We are satisfied so much with the result and we love it for what it is… If we rerecorded it today we’d surely do a lot of things differently, but it would be something else… In any case I think it’s anamazing great place to start off our trip.

-Another feature of “In Consequence” is the album cover, what does it represent? And who was/were the responsible for the design?

It’s just like we wanted it… Aris Liapis has done an amazing work on this one… It manages to create you numerous notions along with the music and it dresses the overall atmosphere in the most perfect way… The concept mixes so many stuff altogether, from desire to human loneliness and the lack of communication, the emotional fall and the small capacity of enacting the free will for some petty people in modern societies bringing forth the fetishists disavowal … I really can write endless pages on it and I think people should just project their own selves in it, compare and get their own fulfillment… If they manage to capture the original messages intended and not just seek affirmation on it then we have established a communication there…

– “In Consequence” has the participation of Duncan Patterson (ex-Anathema / ex Antimatter / Íon), who plays keys in the song “Ibidem”, How did this collaboration come from? And how important is for you that this great musician has collaborated with Phase?

First and foremost it’s a great honor for us that Duncan found our work really interesting and we moved to this collaboration… The guy lived in Greece and knows everything about the tragic situation in the music scene here and the lack of enough people who really love digging interesting sounds and not just following trends. We shared some common views and the time advocated this artistic marriage…

– Regarding the critics from the press and fans, how has been the response of people to “In Consequence”?
Everybody absolutely loved it! Something that was a pleasant surprise for us! I mean we loved the material and the songs are really honest but maybe I had lesser belief on people’s tastes and surely it’s something that I formed from people around here and the patterns of acquiring tastes… Also it’s really beautiful how certain people embraced it and actually became a part of the wider family of Phase walking with us and helping this become fuller!

Interviewer: Hermanas Muerte
Publication: Mutilador (MX)
Period: October 2012


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