on The Importance of Lyrics

Q:The lyrics are brilliant, really fabulous. What is the source of inspiration for Phase? Where do you get all these great ideas? What do you intend to show through your lyrics?

Thank you so very much! Our focal point is the lyrics really… Not that we are leaving the music in a somewhat lesser fortune, but I think verbal and written expression is the most evolved tool for communication, and we should take advantage of it fully… Art is all about presenting the truth anyway. Music is the most ancient language, everybody understands it is able to decode accurately its message, but it’s only referring to the base of emotions and instincts! It’s more like an an emotional carrier… Just simply pay attention to how it functions on movie and TV commercial backrounds. It’s a brilliant tool in directors’ toolboxes to set the spectators into the setting. Like wise, lyrics, which are the intellectual content of the song are more effective with the emotive musical background.
The tricky with music as Slavoj Zizek beautifuly observes, is that in the same manner one could be like Ted Bundy or Hitler and still entertaining the notion that they are a good to the core person serving a noble cause, beautiful euphoric music could be used to promote some distorted sick, ideal. Exactly like the Nazis used Richard Wagner‘s music to promote their propaganda,which is a bit of an unfortunate example, because of course Wagner himself was much of a racist prick. Take that Richard Wanker!

Humans are intellectual beings and we need to fully understand and channel our emotions and instincts, learn how to communicate constructively and how to healthily identify with others… So to answer at last a bit of your question, the ideas pass through us like an endless stream of truth… Once you’ve accepted your own truths, you learn to recognise the truth everywhere… Artists always acted like some sort of spiritual mediators, I don’t think there’s any conscious intention behind our lyrics, other than what I said before about serving the basic archetypal function of true art… To listen closely to the truths people tend to forget and re-inspire them to the community.

Interviewer: Hermanas Muerte
Publication: Mutilador (MX)
Period: October 2012

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