a Few on the Wait Album

Q:What are PHASE’s expectations about it? Life is a story by itself, what are the main themes that are regarding your new album.

One of its aspects is that in our narcissistic social reality people never live in the present… Which is life’s biggest present if you are asking me… They are always expecting of something… They always set imaginary moments; conditions in time, to be looking forward to… To graduate, to grow up, to get to go out and compare clothing, to get to get wasted, to have sex, go on holidays, to meet their special ones, to I don’t know what… No one’s sits and waits and experiences the moment… Hardly anyone stays here and listens any more. People nowadays go to the beach to take a few pictures, just to fool themselves pretending they had a great time… Another intertwined theme is that life is this endless wait and that this wait is what makes us who we are… Life’s just a waiting room in many religious concepts anyway… To be honest, the album is way too multidimensional and deep to be described in a few sentences, so you’ll really have to experience it…

Q:How would you describe your new material?

It’s a revolutionary monumental inspection to the social reality and human condition… Another thing we are trying to do, is to break the stereotypes that are built in us all… In our collective subconscious… Mass media dictate likeness, and the more uneducated someone is, he’s more and more mimic and prone to what I love to call “Trojan Thoughts”… Immature people have a really strengthened sense of specialness and their overflowing arrogance makes them have that illusion of personal opinion and taste… We really want to challenge that on so many levels by not conforming to the norm and being confrontational about it… In my opinion “the Wait” is brilliant food for thought and so many of its features are bringing forward what a ‘transvestite’ personal opinion is and how likeness is being mapped in the Oedipal Universe we are set into…

Interviewer: Dana Țolea
Publication: Jurnal Rock [RO]
Period: February 2014

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