on Sharing Stages with More Established Artists

Q:JURNAL ROCK’s readers would like to know more about this wonderful collaboration with Anneke. Give us some insights to it.

It was just an one off support act as it has happened in the past… Strangely enough and for whatever reason we’ve been asked to perform acoustically, but we went for it as it’s an honour being exposed to Anneke’s audience since she’s way-way more established and gain some people’s interest from that background… I really admire her for what she does and on the top of that she’s a sweetheart…

Q:[…] Are you expecting other similar collaborations in the near future?

Frankly, I don’t think so… As we are walking further less and less people want us to perform on stage with them… I like thinking of it as something equivalent to what was happening to Jimi Hendrix back at the time  and not that we are a bunch of lousy troublemaking pricks…




Interviewer: Dana Țolea
Publication: Jurnal Rock [RO]
Period: February 2014

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