on Artistic Mediums

Q:[…]So u say music is about going deeper. We can see that in your lyrics, which are like poems under the blanket of instruments. In fact, poetry isn’t the only field of art, which you connect with music. On your websites I can see your fascination with visual art also. Where did that wide interest in the arts come from?

Well it’s like we are keeping the flame of tradition alive. Before the Homeric epics were put to paper, wandering musicians were traveling around, citing poems accompanied by music. Music is the emotional carrier the audience can identify with and lyrics bear the intellectual content. Art is here to present something, the one on the receiving and has to benefit from observing or experiencing. That’s what we are here to do. And yes, we are hardwired to respond well to visual stimuli and we live in the times that our brains get overexcited through it. Marketing is trying to get our very limited nowadays attention span with tricks messing with our sex drive or fear of dying. We, in Phase, on the other hand love having beautiful art of every kind to surround and support our output.

Sonia Stępień on an A grade Essay on Journalism (University Nikolai Copernici, Torun Poland)

Period: November 2013

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