the Dark Wait

Q:It’s been 3 years since your first studio album was released. In consequence was kind of psychedelic, progressive piece of work. Now you’re recording a new album, which is promoted by a single “Amethyst”. Is it going to be in a similar, dark atmosphere? Is there something that will surprise the listeners, who have been waiting for so long?

I think darkness is the predominant characteristic in “the Wait” album. It’s simply reflecting the flawed social reality we are set in and constitute. We are happy people in essence, but a work of art has to be presenting certain truths… to be confrontational. There will be a pack of surprises for that matter. It might not contain the shock value a surprise usually bears, but as you dig further into its depths and be wrapped around its essence, you’ll discover some really interesting aspects.


Sonia Stępień on an A grade Essay on Journalism (University Nikolai Copernici, Torun Poland)

Period: November 2013

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