on the Greek Audience

Q:What about Greek music scene in general. How well are you received by Greek public as a band?

It depends on the city, we can either pack places or count the attendants using our fingers. We are known by name in the alternative circles, but Greek listeners have weird patterns and habits and we are more of an acquired taste rather than anything else. I think Greeks in their vast majority are really immature and disoriented when it comes to personal opinion and freedom of choice… And you can easily tell, if you look to what they vote for or how fashions they follow rise and fall… their popular culture… It’s really a mess, but we are not here to seek acceptance anyway, but to pass our message through and encourage and generate thoughts and promote discussions.

Sonia Stępień on an A grade Essay on Journalism (University Nikolai Copernici, Torun Poland)

Period: November 2013

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