the Rock in Crisis and the Struggle for Ideals

Q:In Greece of recession, do you think there’s future for art or is it endangered to extinct due to financial breakdown?

But isn’t it that in major crisis art blossoms…? And I believe it shouldn’t function only as a release valve, but to step forward and give the solutions first…

What is your psychotherapy?

My notebooks.

Is Rock death or is it a struggle for life?

In my opinion it clearly is a battle for life… And if it occasionally ‘plays’ with sex and death drives it’s just to touch the disoriented teenagers… If it’s not bearing any substantial message, it’s just a rip off… It’s no rock, it’s no revolution…

Have you found your heaven, and if yes where would that be?

It’s in the Utopia I hope to move to… At least in one of its suburbs…

Interviewer: Chris Tsantalis
Publication: Music Festival
Period: January 2014

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