A Feast of Friends

Q:A Void” there to avoid… Tell us about the video and the collaboration with artist Afsoon Shahriari.

 It’s the biggest affirmation and reality check for us when we have wonderful people like her respecting our output so much… It’s like being lost in the highway and seeing with petrol running low and suddenly seeing a road sign to where you are going and a gas station nearby… We have all this beautiful people that support us, established artists or not… And we are in the pleasant possition to claim that we don’t have fans with extreme expressions, which is a sign of arrogance, lack of education and inability to assume one’s own responsibilities, but only people who go along with what we are doing and love to check up on us from time to time to see how we are doing! People that we can hang out with, and not people we think we are superior to and want them to worship us… The video’s main themes are alienation, depression, trust issues, personality disorders, identity crisis, and the human condition in the dystopic modern age society in general… It really has endless content and food for thought and discussion in it’s only 4 minutes… Afsoon totally loved our thing and wanted to contribute to it, and so she does ever since she encountered with our output… And so did the incredible Alexis Marcou… It was such a pleasant surprise to know that he was familiar with, and loved what we are doing before chance brought us together… Having someone whose work you admire, admiring you back, is a bless don’t you think?

‘It’s like Phase’s Yellow Submarine explores the macabre universe of Tim Burton’


Interviewer: Sissy F.
Publication: Burst
Period: April 2014

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