Lie There in Wait, Static

Q:“Static” was and still is my favourite track. Splendid lyrics and music, food for the brain! What was your main source of inspiration for the upcoming album?

Thank you so much for your kind words, It’s really one of my favourite songs and it’s really consuming me on stage getting me wrapped up in its dark energy every single time… The sparkle for the upcoming album came while travelling from a country to another to sound-check and get ready for that night… You know when you’re eager to get somewhere and time stretches funnily giving you the impression the way to there is endless while getting back is way-way faster… A line like ‘almost there isn’t close enough’ jumped off my lips as it passed through my head and it all started building around it along with some ideas that were shaped with previous conversations I had with friends on how people nowadays choose to live in unstable fantasies / possibilities for their future instead of designing and living the present and live for the moment, something that is easily taken amiss by impulsive, capricious sad people that seek for affirmation for their overlooked degradation in everything, art included!

Interviewer: Sissy F.
Publication: Burst
Period: April 2014


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