Phase – Perdition

Satellite For Entropy

New or old? Either way it’s an interesting Phase…

Lately, it seems, I’ve had a bit of a yen for artists doing something a little bit different within my favoured genres. I’m detecting a particular trend for this kind of experimentation to be labeled “psychedelic”, perhaps for lack of a better term, or perhaps psychedelia itself synonymous with experimentation – considering the roots of the genre, I guess that makes sense.

Anyway, I was having a bit of a browse of the new releases over at Amie Street and happened to catch a new (-ish) single called Perdition by a band named Phase. I say “-ish” because the band, hailing from Greece, formed in 2003, and the single was featured in Microsoft’s Playlist Seven program earlier in the year. (By the way, I don’t actually know what this program is as I’d never heard of it before I saw…

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