Chris Tsantalis’ Review on the Wait – Poetry and Psychedelia

I like Phase and the most prominent reason is that they are inquiring minds… I couldn’t expect anything less from some restive spirits, and the Wait is what should have come to engrave them in my conscience! How would you like if David Bowie was in a chareem jamming along with The Tea Party? How would you feel if you’d listen to Velvet Goldmine‘s soundtrack done by a Greek band? Yes the record is good and I am so glad about that because many of their countrymates would lurk for them in the next corner. The aesthetic is all seventies, touches some glam and embraces the footprints of Placebo! Thanos sounds more sure than ever behind the mic and the only thing that worries me is that I didn’t hear the track with the chorus that will let the masses embrace them, though I don’t know if that was ever to their interest anyway…

Another thing is that I find that the production buries some of the beautiful melodies and the overall work the boys have done.Way to go Phase, art in its best.

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