Thanos Grigoriou of Phase speaks to NE:MM ahead of the band’s Music Lounge, Stockton gig on 16th May 2015




Our Editor was recently approached by a Newcastle based rock band ‘Phase’ about the possibility of featuring them on our blog. He tells me that he hadn’t heard of the band so looked them u on Wikipedia. This is what he read “a UK-based rock band formed in Larissa, Greece in 2003…. According to Reverbnation’s charts, Phase is ranked 1st nationwide in Greece. Phase climbed on #12 of Billboard’s fastest rising acts powered by Next Big Sound in the week of June 14th 2012.”

I think he was a little intrigued about why the band had made Newcastle their home so I was asked to have a chat with vocalist Thanos Grigoriou ahead of the band’s upcoming gig in Stockton on Tees at Music Lounge.

I first asked whether all band members hailed originally from Greece.

“We are Damos, Adam, Vasilis and myself Thanos. Phase used to be an all…

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