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During an interview we conducted with Phase a while ago, they were telling us a bunch of things about “The Wait”. They said it was a “Phase” of recordings and various procedures, that it was basically a concept album in its own unique way and that they were actually… loving it! Well, it’s a good thing to talk about an album, however, the real story starts off when you are listening to the songs. We can work on possible scenarios as much as you like, yet when it comes to music, the main concern is music itself.

When I got to listen to it… Actually, when the first notes blasted out, I caught myself thinking like “Oooooh, that’s good, it’s more Paradise Lost-ish this time”! Yeah, right! This album is so multi-leveled, you can’t help but admit it’s some sort of a collection, featuring a bouquet of bands! The way of expression and songs presentation is amazing and it will occupy your minds and souls for quite some time.

One could say that “Magical Thinking” is the bastard child of Paradise Lost and Monster Magnet… Sure, why not? And then, when you are convinced you have the label ready for the boys, “Point Of You” hits the speakers and… What now? Kyuss flirting with Goth? And then “Sowing Scorn” is on… Black, poisoned, filled with a theatrical extravaganza. And that voice colour… With that nose-y touch… Is it me or the way it sounds is driving us to Smashing Pumpkins? That’s another story I guess…

Amethyst” is greeting us directly from Seattle! Yes, sir-A, the association is that simple! As for “Remnants”… Amazing inspiration, indescribable feeling and a dreamy shade of darkness! And when “Reprise” is on… Losfer words for this one; the accordion intro is exquisite, the Phase mobile is leaving ground as we speak… Voice is a Floyd pilgrim and the method of words coming out is most impressive.

For all those of you out there… I don’t have a clue whether they’re gonna be the new The Mars Volta, I don’t know what’s in stock for these guys. What I can tell – and write down – is that we are listening to an album which will make pay attention, listen very closely and admire the boys for good!

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