Interview to Point Blank

Initially hailing from Greece,
Phase have since relocated to
Newcastle and are currently enjoying
a decent amount of success.
POINT BLANK thought it
was only fair to see what they
had to say. Answering the questions,
vocalist Thanos.


Give us a brief rundown on the


Phase came about somewhat 10
years ago when a functioning line
up came together and set previously
piled up ideas to motion. Songs
started taking final shape and got
to be played live for the first time.
Since then the band has grown significantly,
making some really impressive


Why the decision to relocate to
the NE of England?

It’s something we don’t quite talk
about publicly, but here you go! After
having an impressive run I was
called to serve the military, and me
being a pacifist I had to make some
serious decisions which weren’t so
easy for the band and caused friction
aside from the geographical problems.
Don’t get me wrong I would
probably fight in the Second World
War and that, but I don’t think getting
trained to kill people is a nice
thing, especially after going for our
gig in Syria and seeing how people
are indoctrinated from a young age
on being patriotic and that. As we all
know it didn’t help them much in not
killing each other. Finally this year
we have overcome most of our problems
and we will be having a very
productive 2018.


How does the UK scene differ to
that in Greece?


I think whilst there are so many
good bands in Greece, the audience
isn’t that educated, and open to new
bands. Here in the UK people will attend
a concert religiously while in
Greece they will be more often than
not disrespectful to bands talking all
the way throughout their set even if
it’s the main act they’ve paid loads
of euros to see. Another thing is that
in the UK being a creative is regarded
as a great thing, while in Greece
is frowned upon massively.

Where are the best locations you
have played locally?

Ah, we have loved every place…
From Stockton to Sunderland, although
the Newcastle gigs are more
enjoyable because they were better


It’s been seven years since the
release of your debut LP – how
has the group changed in that


Well, we have grown more mature
for one… It’s something that comes
with time. We have more faith in
what we are doing, and are more
secure doing it. We’ve managed to
travel a bit around together which
has strengthened the relationships
between us…


What are the group’s future


We have some new releases at
works and hopefully we will get to
gig a bit more extensively now that
Jonny, our new manager, is looking
well into it! We will see you around
as soon as it appears!


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