Back on Track #2 ~ The Smile

I can’t think of a better way to kick off an album other than a bit of good ol’ Blake can you? I was always fascinated by his artistic spirit and have spent hours and hours in TATE gallery looking at his artwork.

Thanos Grigoriou visiting William Blakes Gravestone

I remember doing the vocals in my grandmother’s house. The two lines you hear on the record are one take each, and that’s about it! The riff must be around since 2004 or something and we’ve tried to put it together in the past with Damos way before he actually joined Phase, but as he says he couldn’t get it at the time.

With Record Store Day 2019 as an excuse we released ‘the Smile‘ as a maxi single


The 2019 remaster was done by Tasos Karapapazoglou at his Nemesis studios in Kavala. And there’s a take by Devon Graves (Buddy Lackey of Psychotic Waltz / Deadsoul Tribe) who was to lay a flute track for ‘A Void‘ originally but it didn’t happen in the end for some reason we can’t quite recall, so it’s great having him being involved in something off the album 10 years after!

Devon Graves (Buddy Lackey) in his Studio

The release ends with a remix by Foks that elevates the release to a whole different dimension. And the cover is based on a beautiful theatre mask done by Jonathan Becker!


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