The Person and the Persona

Q:What’s the differece of the band’s members on stage and backstage?

It depends on if you are reffered at before or after the concert… (laughter) I can’t say that there’s any basic difference… We don’t have any overblown persona that we exhibit on stage and we pull it out later on our private rooms… In fact that’s where we spot a huge problem of our social reality; that we are a community of personas instead of persons, and it’s poetically denounced in many of our songs. Neither we devise any representation of incarnating the transcedental, like a priest in a service… That plays are for Michael Jackson and the rest of the “gods”. Even if under circumstances you can accept that there is a religious dimesion in our concerts… or spiritual better say, as it is a more accurate term. We don’t aim in exalting some mystery to perk up the arrogance in any ignorant “believer”… Nor to take advantage of anyones personality disorders! On the contrary we are maybe exploring some “mysterious” folds of our mental outlook, we confront ourselves as a tool, and when all the resultants cospire, we are coming to some sort of ecstasy drifted by our music and pushed by the audience, we tune in to imprint better the emotional charge under which a song was created or the atmosphere it needs to bear, which is dynamic and can shift according to what’s needed each time… These are some of the most fundamendal functions in art, that are met in many parallel cultures, born from the same needs…

Interviewer: Dimitris Lapousis
Publication: Art and City
Period: October 2012

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