Digital Stimulation

So here it is at last! Our earnest effort… And what an irony to be released digitally on the record store day… You see we live in an era of one more big shift in the artistic mediums… From Edison‘s waxed cylinder to Spotify the essence remains really the same… The song remained the same…

Don’t get me wrong, we really love music in traditional mediums and we were saving our pocket money for weeks to buy a record back in the day and we copied loads of cassettes from listening buddies like people did...

I can state many examples to our defense starting off from Radiohead‘s “In Rainbows” popular paradigm… Nick Cave uploaded his whole latest album on his YouTube channel during the first week of its release… The Pixies recently gave away their new EP for download through their website… And countless others did similar stuff. B(r)ands like NIN in our days help creating streaming services in the image of Spotify… And we’re left somewhere in-between , a medium reach, a not so small – not so big international band, not quite rock – not quite metal or pop either struggling to find a niche or target group to raise its marketing value… To be sold… Naaah… If we wanted to start a business we’d open an off-license liquor store… Selling the “solutions” cheap! Selling the “answers”.

…I mean we have made money from music throughout the years and the balance-sheet is good, but we can safely say that we won’t be able to be doing this full-time as in making a sustainable living of it, even though it has almost our 100% of focus… It’s of course always good to know that your output is appreciated, and you’ve touched some people… Not that we’d stop doing what we do if this wasn’t the case… In the end of the day, we are just a company of friends that refuse to conform in irrational cruelties the current social reality has to offer!

But then there’s “Music Business”… How these two terms ended up aligned together in the first place, and who’s idea was this anyway?

…Then again we are claiming we are doing art and art only! The word “music” sounds so limitative to us. We don’t have much to do with it…

Frankly we’d love to get signed and distributed from some label, but we are not interested in offers like “pay for the pressings and get paid in a bunch of copies you originally paid for” or “you should pay 10.000 for promotional purposes”… No, no, no, no, no… It’s so not us…

On the other hand, Pledge Music and other “Fan Fund Raising” services seem like a good idea in a first look but not likely to work unless you are a good salesman again… Everything changed once more to the bigger fishes’ benefits!

If you survived all this ramble up to this line I suggest you invest some time digging our new record, it’s really made with love. And if you happen to like it donate and/or suggest it to friends of yours and pass by in any of our concerts near you… We hope we’ll be in the position to release hard copies of the album for the diehards by a small humaine indie label really soon

Thank you for your precious time

Thanos, April 22nd 2014


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