Dave Wolff’s Review of the Wait

The latest in a long line of independently recorded and released recordings by this experimental band from Greece. If this is your first exposure to Phase you might find it difficult to believe they have this much staying power sans label backing. But they’ve managed to remain consistent releasing material and keeping it fresh and inventive at the same time. Here you’ll find tightly fused elements of metal, post-punk, goth, industrial noise and electronica, delivered in a naturally convincing fashion. Before the conclusion of the opening track “Magical Thinking” you’ll be spellbound and eagerly anticipating what the next track is going to sound like. The band’s hypnotic quality is especially apparent in lead vocals that loom over the misty lake of the musicianship like a formless ethereal shape drawing you deeper into the unknown with each song. Phase have taken a long time to develop their sound in this way and their efforts are paying off for certain. “Point Of You”, “Sowing Scorn” and the seven-minute “Homeseek Dark Blues” make this clear with equal artistic license. 


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